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Resolved! STM32 Flash Write fail

Due to engineering requirements, the code is divided into two parts: USB DFU, including encrypted signature verification, and the APP code with header signature file. Currently, there is an attempt to rewrite the flash in the USB DFU orange section f...

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YJHUNG by Associate II
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STM32H563 EDATA Size - Code Generation Issue

Hello,I am using the Cube Code Generator, within the STM32CubeIDE (version 1.13.1) for an STM32H563, and have configured the Flash Data Sectors to use the maximum 8 sectors per bank for EDATA. The valid range for the EDATA sector size is 0 - 7, as sh...


Beginner`s ask for help to flash the STM32

Hi,I am an absolute beginner in STM32 ecosystem. This is my first time programing an STM32. My MCU is STM32F756VGH6 in TFBGA100 package. I wrote a simple led blink program and encountered a problem while trying to flash the MCU (got some kind of erro...

Vilius by Associate II
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Bring up stm32G4 custom board

Hi,In my project I need to bring up stm32g4 IC in custom board. Can anyone tell me the process to do that.1. Bootlooader flashing: Do we need to flash the bootloade in to IC?if Yes,Where can I get the bootloader for STM32G4 IC.What is the process to ...

HAL_FLASHEx_Erase HardFault_Handler STM32G030K8

Hello,I have developed an application that saves accelerometer data when a machine starts up. This data is stored in the last page of the controller's memory (page 31).I'm encountering a HardFault exception that occurs intermittently, roughly 1 in 20...

sde c.1 by Senior II
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readout protection without power on reset

Dear support team, I need to activate and deactivate the readout protection on a fully automated CI enviroment and according to the RM0440 (Note: If the read protection is set while the debugger is still connected through JTAG/SWD, applya POR (power-...