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SysTick on STM32G0

I am trying to use SysTick on STM32G070. Clock tree must be OK because everything else works, as far as I can tell, but when I include the following code (Keil compiler does not flag errors or warnings), in my initialization routine, interrupts stop....

DRobe.4 by Senior
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Resolved! HAL_Delay is stuck in the main function.

If I write HAL_Delay in the main function, then code execution gets stuck at this main { HAL_Delay(1); }Code execution does not exit the loop at this point.while((HAL_GetTick() - tickstart) < wait)I think because the SysTick_Handler interru...

MMust.5 by Senior II
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Power on built in test for STM32F446RE

Hello,   I am using STM32F446RE in my project and as per the project requirements I need to have power on built in test, initiated built in test and continuous built in test on STM32F446RE. Please let me know how different built-in self-tests can be ...

PAcha.1 by Associate
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Resolved! SysTick registers information for U575 MCU

Hello friends! I have been trying to start the systick timer on my NUCLEO 575 board. But somehow I keep rifling through the user guide, yet cannot find information. Could please anybody let me know where exactly in the guide is the description of how...

Skfir by Associate III
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low power mode in stm32u

Hello,I  am working on low power mode with rtos basically I want to enter in low power mode i,e Sleep mode specifically so with RTOS I know about tickless modedevice STM32U5I want know about is there any other way rather than going into tickless  MOD...

PESHWA by Associate II
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NUCLEO-H503 Timer

Hello.I am using the NUCLEO-H503 board, and I would like to verify its speed-related specifications accurately.I am attempting to toggle a GPIO pin using the Timer NVIC whenever the HAL_TIM_PeriodElapsedCallback() signal occurs.Currently, my board's ...

shlee_0-1689934557936.png shlee_1-1689934628658.png shlee_2-1689934651543.png
sh.lee by Associate
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STM32F103R8Tx Timer issues

Hello everyone, currently we are experimenting with the STM32F103R8T and it's timers.  We are trying to toggle Port A5 with about 500kHz using a timer. We are (by hardware) in need to toggle exactly pin A5 although there is no AF related to a Timer. ...


bootloader to FreeRTOS on stm32f0x

Hi, I'm trying to jump to a FreeRTOS app via a bootloader that i made. I'm pretty new to this. I know there is a lot of similar topic on the internet but none of them fixed my problem. When I try to jump to my FreeRTOS app with my bootloader, nothing...

retroll by Associate II
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SysTick interrupt does not work

Using St Cube IDE 1.6.0, I create new project for STM32G491KE.When debugging the project I noticed that Systick interrupt is not getting called. Systick STK_VAL register is changing, and STL_CTRL register COUNTFLAG bit is set. Interrupt in stm32g4xx_...

TMark.14 by Associate III
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