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VCom port, emptying buffer.

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Not sure it's the right place to post.

I have a custom board based on STM32F767.

I'm using USB with VCOM port to communicate by UART. Basically it works (I mean, I can receive bytes

from a terminal (I'm working on Ubuntu with STM32CubeIDE v. 1.15).

So what I do is that as soon as I receive a message, I reply with a "OK!\n" to the terminal.

1. In usbd_cdc_if.c, in the receive function is implemented like this:

static uint8_t CDC_Receice_FS(uint8 * Buf, uint32 * Len) {

USBD_CDC_SetRXBuffer(&hUsbDeviceFS, &Buf[0]);


// Added to the code:

CDC_RxCpltCallback(Buf, *Len);

return USBD_OK;


2. Start the program.

Set a breakpoint in the above CDC_Recive_FS function.

If I open 2 terminals (Linux) like this:

first terminal: cat < /dev/ttyACM1

second terminal : echo cmd > /dev/ttyACM1

then as long as I don't launch the echo command, the breakpoint is not hit and the cat

command doesn't print anything.

Then if I enter anything in the first terminal, for example echo GO! > /dev/ttyACM1, then the

interrupt gets it, and if I contunue I get "OK\n" printed in the second terminal which looks normal.

But it immediately stops again at the breakpoint (although I don't echo in the first terminal).

At first stop at the breakpoint, the Buf contains "Go!" and *Len contains 3, which is the length

of "Go!". But the subsequent stops contained "\r\n" (length = 2), then "^\n!" with a length of 1,

which isn't even right.

Can anybody explain me how to get what I sent and only what I sent? Do I have to clear

some buffer or issue some kind of acknowledge to the VCom port so that it knows it has to

wait for the next data?