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Uart to int conversion

Hi im hoping someone can help me, honestly it might be a easy thing to do, however i have been cracking my brain around this and can't seem to get it to work. uint8_t Rx_data[6] = {0}; HAL_UART_Receive(&huart1, Rx_data, 6, 1000);printf("%s\n", Rx_dat...

VYada.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! Get witch line has called Error_Handler(void)

Hi, I'm trying to develop a FW for one of my custom boards that has an ethernet interface.I'm using STM32CubeIDE, I generated the code with the configurator, and without even writing a line of code, if I go into debug, during the initialization of th...

FMass.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! LSERDY is set, but LSE not running correctly

Hi, I am working on a project for STM32F746ZGT6 that uses the RTC clocked from the LSE.In some cases I am seeing an issue where the LSE appears to start (LSERDY reads as 1 within the call to HAL_RCC_OscConfig from the peripheral libraries) but it app...

AMill.7 by Associate
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STM32F7 QSPI Fast Read Quad Problems

I am here again to ask for your help I am using a STM32F767ZI Nucleo Board and connected a Winbond W25Q64JV using the QSPI interface of the MCU. Everything is working fine so far - I can read data in every mode described in the data sheet (even Fast ...

PUrsu.1 by Associate II
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M7 with 4xRAM ICs over FMC

Hi,We have a question about a system design we would like to implement for our product.We are working with the STMF32F723 MCU and are developing our own HW. We need 216MByte of RAM for our application and would like to implement it with the functiona...

CObri1_1-1695644204144.png CObri1_1-1695643333384.png
CObri.1 by Associate II
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ADC Noise

We use a STM32F7xx microcontroller with LQFP144 casePart of the ADC Pins are on the 1-36 pin side.Unfortunately this is also the side where the Quartz (Pins  OSC_IN and OUT, PC14-OSC32_IN, PC15-OSC32_OUT) and the RMII_CLK are mapped.This leads to add...

gviereck by Associate II
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