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Can I use the SAI block to trigger ADC on STM32H7?

I am using the STM32H743 on STM32H743I-EVAL board.Is it possible to synchronize ADC acquisitions with the SAI block? The goal here is to acquire audio ADC samples using DMA, block process, and transmit out to a DAC over SAI using DMA. The STM32 is th...

markm by Associate II
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Hi I have a small problem with SAI and DMA.

I have a small problem if I use SAI DMA in circular mode, the first time it fills up the buffer, it works fine, but after it looks like it is the right data levels, but just that some are omitted.the top chart is DMA filling up the buffer, (first run...

spa23 by Associate III
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Is it possible to use the SAI peripheral with the data line only - SD_A or SD_B (without outputting the peripheral clock signal) when using the "free protocol" mode for a single-wire communication purposes?

Dear STM32 MCUs community,I am currently working on a project with the STM32l452RET6 MCU with a goal to use the SAI peripheral for one-directional single wire communication purposes, so only the "data line" (SD_A or SD_B) will be outputted using the ...

Resolved! What is OutputDrive on the SAI Peripheral?

On the STM32 SAI peripheral, there's a member of the SAI_InitTypeDef which is:​ uint32_t OutputDrive; /*!< Specifies when SAI Block outputs are driven. This parameter can be a value of @ref SAI_Block_Outp...

APire.1 by Associate
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STM32U585 + SAI

Dear Sir.I use ICS-43434 connected to STM32U585 through SAI.The lines of the ICS-43434 SD,SCK,WS works fine ,But when the interrupt is enabled the program crash.Attached some code frgaments.Main.c.MX_SAI1_Init();static void MX_SAI1_Init(void){ /* USE...

Resolved! STM32H7 SAI / I2S max input clock "sai_x_ker_ck"

Hello,what is the maximum input clock for the SAIs and I2Ss for the H7 ?I mean "sai_x_ker_ck" and "spi_ker_ck".I couldn't find it in neither RM nor DS.Is it dependent on some AHB / APB or D1/2/3 clock?98.304 MHz is working (it is also in the RM's exa...

LCE by Lead III
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