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No source available for "<signal handler called>() at 0xffffffa8"

Associate II

I have brought down the example I3C_Controller_Private_Command_IT project for the Nucleo-H56ZI, which is the board I am using. When Handle_ENTDAA_Controller(); is executed, it immediately gets to an error that reads "No source available for "<signal handler called>() at 0xffffffa8" and goes into Error_Handler(). When i view the disassembly, I see it state "ffffffa8: Failed to execute MI command: -data-disassemble -s 4294967208 -e 4294967241 -- 3 Error message from debugger back end: Cannot access memory at address 0xffffffa8" I have tried messing with the debugger configuration to no avail, closing and reopening the program, and putting in a trace, but nothing has come from any of it. Any clues as to why I am getting this error?





Yeah, because it's not a usable address, and the stack dump can't magically unpack it for you.

Perhaps assume it's some stack corruption, say you've breached some auto/local variable's scope and trashed things.

Unpack the stack and go look what you were doing earlier in the call-tree, and how you might be able to look at the flow-dynamics, how it got in that state, and how you might catch it earlier, until you find the CAUSE rather than the result.

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