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STM32G431KB DAC DMA not working

Trying to get a basic sample DAC1 with DMA, triggered by TIM2 working. This should be trivial, works fine on SMT32F3. I'm using a Nucleo-32 SMT32G431.Using Cube IDE. The only non IDE-generated code in main is: /* USER CODE BEGIN 2 */   static uint...

PBieg.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! External DAC with SPI + DMA

HiI am trying to make an analog synthesizer, and for this is using a STM32G431 with some 8-channel DAC’s (connected via SPI) for generating control-voltages for the VCA’s and other circuits.I would like to use the SPI with DMA, and have looked at the...

decalvus by Associate II
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Resolved! L431 Stops working after enabling ADC

Hello all,I recently ran into this problem where the MCU would instantly stop working after enabling the DAC. The behavior is that from the debug view of STM32IDE the program is still running, but all variable values are reset to 0, and once the prog...

ZJing by Associate III
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GPIO connection on MCU

Hello,I'm relatively new to PCB designing and I've already learned a lot of things, but I'm still not sure about connecting 2 components through GPIO pins. I have IIS2MDC magnetometer and I would like to connect INT/DRDY pin to STM32H747AI. Let's say...

GPIOs.png MAG.png STM32H7.png

Resolved! VREF Wiring stm32l4

After playing around a bit and talking and googling some stuff is my vref wiring correct our should 3.3VA be removed as in some other examples

New Screen Shot Name 2023-09-09 at 20.23.06.png

Resolved! DMA to DAC transfer in normal mode too slow

Hi,I'm using STM32G431RB on the NUCLEO-G431RB developement board.I want to generate a signal from an array each time an external trigger is received.The signal is sampled with the TIMER6 trigger, which is rised every 1us. (MCU clock is 170MHz, TIMER6...


L431 stops working after enabling DAC

I am trying to use the onboard DAC to generate a sine signal. The program runs without any problem on the Nucleo L432KC board but it would not work on our PCB with L431. As soon as the DAC is enabled with LL_DAC_Enable(DAC1, LL_DAC_CHANNEL_1); the pr...

ZJing by Associate III
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Power on built in test for STM32F446RE

Hello,   I am using STM32F446RE in my project and as per the project requirements I need to have power on built in test, initiated built in test and continuous built in test on STM32F446RE. Please let me know how different built-in self-tests can be ...

PAcha.1 by Associate
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How to write your own DAC driver in STM32?

I was using HAL Driver for DAC, however, it turned out not to be suitable for my project because at high sampling frequency, using HAL_DAC_Setvalue() inside a timer interrupt caused problem. So i need to write my own driver for DAC. But I have no ide...

RShre.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! Using DAC of NUCLEO-H503RB

I am trying to use the DAC feature of Nucleo-H503.Pinned the cube MX and wrote the code.However, the program does not work after entering the MX_DAC1_Init() function, created by Cube MX.I checked in debug mode and found an error in the syntax below./...

sh.lee by Associate
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