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USB project example

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I need very simple communication of my STM32F722RET6 via USB (Full Speed) - I need to send every 10 ms only data of 20 bytes to some program made by C# in Visual Studio. I found some samples of USB communication on GitHub but I was not able to communicate (in best case without making some special drivers) with C# program. Only VCP worked but the program was in contiuous cycle to read COM port. Please can you advice me where I can find some working sample of connection STM32 and program via USB?

Thank you

ST Employee

Hi @Stastny.Petr 


Here is examples for F722 Nucleo board STM32CubeF7/Projects/STM32F722ZE-Nucleo/Applications/USB_Device at master · STMicroelectronics/STM32CubeF7 · GitHub

In your case, REPORT_COUNT should be at least 0x14 to send 20bytes of data. Make sure to configure your timer to interrupt every 10 ms.


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