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Cant access RTC coming out of standby mode

Hi  I am programming a STM32L433 and have the processor wakeup from Standby mode. The first thing it does after wakeup is check the cause of the wakeup, and if RTC increase the time, do a few readings and go back into Standby mode. When I am running ...

SSmit.13 by Associate III
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How to calibrate RTC on STM32F411CEU6

Hello everyone! I have stm32f411ceu6 dev board, and I decided to use RTC. But it's going slower than time on reference clock. I use 32768 oscillator, which is soldered on the board. Can I calibrate this thing? 

RTC stm32f103

Hi. I need help with RTC on STM32F103. I would like to edit the time (hours and minutes) in my RTC using a button. When I add an hour the maximum vartosc I can reach in the RTC->CNTL register is 65535 (18h20min), when this value is exceeded, the regi...

Resolved! How to edit RTC Alarm parameters

Hi, I use RTC alarm to wake up from STOP mode I have STM32F030C8T6. During initialization I have set 5s and everything works as it should. But I would need to change the interval to maybe 30s while the program is running. The problem is that the chan...

DJeze.1 by Associate II
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STM32L4 wakes up instantly from low-power sleep

Hi all,I want to measure the power consumption on my board which has a STM32L431CC. Other than the µC, there is nothing left on the board excepted for an RC filter on the NRST pin, I removed the RTC quartz.Inspired by the example code i found, i wrot...

Steven.D by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32g030f6 rtc vdd/vdda no vbat

Hi, I am planning to use stm32g030f6 and also use RTC peripheral with super cap to keep date. However, this IC does not have VBAT pin. Reading datasheet said, that RTC domain can also be supplied from VDD/VDDA pin, but this means that when a voltage ...

JCuna.1 by Senior
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