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STM32L5 lockup, Pulling nRST to GND does not reset

STM32L562I have the IWDG set up to fire 4 seconds if no HAL_IWDG_Refresh(&hiwdg) is executed.Very occasionally, a lockup condition occurs.But the STM32 does not reset.Moreover, grounding the nRST pin does not reset the STM32Scoping the nRST pin, i ca...

MLint.1 by Associate II
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IWDG disable during Sleep/Stop

Hello.I am running STM32L412 microcontroller in low power GSM design. All works great, but I would also want to add watchdog just in case.I am in STOP2 mode most of the time, and I am waiting for interrupts from GSM module or MEMS IRQI configured IW...

Linas L by Senior
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I'm using STM32u575ZI-Q Hardfault is triggering in debug mode when it hits a breakpoint. I'm facing this on implementing IWDG. May I know what might be the issue and resolution?

Here is my code for IWDGLL_IWDG_EnableWriteAccess(IWDG);   // Set the prescaler value of 8 to the IWDG LL_IWDG_SetPrescaler(IWDG, LL_IWDG_PRESCALER_8);   // Specify the IWDG down-counter reload value LL_IWDG_SetReloadCounter(IWDG, 2000); ...

Umahe.1 by Associate II
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