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I2C stopped working after STM32F411CEU6 is reset

Hi, I've been working with my STM32F411CEU6. I connect my STM with BNO055 IMU sensor that use I2C as its communication protocol. Every time I press the reset button, the program should've start from the beginning, but in my case, that doesn't seem to...

WRama.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! I2C master remain in timeout status.

Hi, I have a problem with I2C communication between two MCU.The MCU that acts as I2C master in its main loop calls the HAL_I2C_Master_Receive function at an interval of approximately 1 second and reads the status of the MCU that acts as I2C slave.Eve...

FMass.1 by Associate III
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Example script/program for I2C bootloader commands

Hi, I'm using a STM32G07x1 that will need to receive firmware updates from an embedded Linux CPU. The only connection between these devices is an I2C bus so I plan to use the ROM I2C bootloader to handle updates.I am aware of AN4221 that describes ho...

SMbus HAL driver in Busy state after Error

Hi,HAL Version 1.10I am using SMBus in my system to communicate with the smart battery.On an Arbitration loss error, the ARLO flag is set and the "HAL_SMBUS_ER_IRQHandler" is called. The IRQ handler clears the ARLO flag but the "hsmbus->State" remain...

Luke_abc by Associate II
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Support for ''repeated start'' in STM32 HAL I2C library

Posted on February 10, 2015 at 18:29I am working with a slave I2C device (Kionix KX022 acccelerometer)  which uses a ''repeated start'' mechanism to send data requested by the master (STM32F405), e.g. to read two bytes of data (from register N and r...

mduffy by Associate II
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Is HAL_I2C_GetState() required in polling IO mode?

I am using the HAL library with an STM32L07xx processor. To keep things simple, I have implemented master transfers on the I2C bus in the polling IO mode. Most of the time it seems to work, however once in a while a master transmit seems to get lost....

DavePfz by Associate II
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I2C peripheral Multi-master mode

Hello all,I'm using STM32L552 MCU and its I2C peripheral to control a board. I'm facing a phenomenal which I not quite sure how to handle that. I have a pretty old fan controller chip on the board which is kind of really slow. Not only it works with ...


I am using nucleo491re MCU  to communicate with tca9537 GPIO-Expander . I want to use GPIO  for on/off  in tca9537 based on i2c . IN tca9537 I have four resister 1. Input(read) address( 0x01) 2.output (read/write) address(0x02) 3.polarity address( 0x...

ishu by Associate II
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STM32H743ZI Bizzare behavior from I2C with Reload = 1

Hi everyone, Trying to create an eeprom API based on the AT24CM01 ASIC chip. I got the Byte write working no problem, however the IC is capable of doing sequential writes up to 256 bytes. The way I am doing this is setting the 'RELOAD' value within t...

CLeo.1 by Senior II
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