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Resolved! Problem with I2C Interface on STM32F469I-DISCO

Hello, I am trying to write something on the I2C bus to a digital potineometer using the STM32F469I-DISCO board but I get no result, even no response from the device and its like there is no device connected on the bus. I tried the same potineometer ...

mids400 by Associate III
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ili2511 captouch driver

Hello. I have a cap touch with an ili2511 touch controller board on it. I need to drive it with stm32 IIC but I can not find anything to help me. I need help with writing or finding its driver. please help me I am so confused. I would appreciate your...

Zakba.1 by Associate III
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Help with i2c slave device

Hi, I want to implement an I2C slave with a STM32L476 micro that basically behaves like a memory. Therefore it must respond to another micro which executes the HAL_I2C_Mem_Write() and HAL_I2C_Mem_Read() operations to this slave.Searching on the inter...

FMass.1 by Associate III
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STM32U585 I2C SCL remains low and I2C hangs

Hi,I have two STM32L0 (slave) and STM32U585 (master) MCUs. I have no issue when Slave transmits data to Master. But, if Master transmits signal to Slave, it sends all the 9 clock pulses with address bits, but then the SCL remains low while SDA return...

ashah.16 by Associate II
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HAL_I2C_IsDeviceReady() returning HAL_BUSY

Hi, I'm using an STM32F401RE board for a class(programming using MacOS). Right now, I'm using VSCode and make to edit and compile my code, then using stlink to flash it. Now, I'm trying to communicate with an MPU6050 using I2C; however, when I run HA...

AllanLiu by Associate II
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I2C Slave hangs on low SCL signal

Posted on May 08, 2018 at 08:45Hello guys,I use the STM32F030R8 as I2C slave with clock stretching. It is able to receive and send data based on interrupts. The transmission of the slave to the master works as long as the master and the slave know t...

STM32H755 I2C RXNE not always set in Master Receive

Hi there,We use the I2C peripheral of the STM32H755ZI MCU. We operate the I2C in master mode and normally everything works perfectly.However, sometimes the SCL line is kept low for bit longer during an I2C read operation, using the HAL function "HAL_...

PAHA_0-1699620666580.png PAHA_1-1699621335935.png
PAHA by Associate II
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