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How to detect what level digital input caused interupt

Hi  I have pin PA6 setup to interupt on high and low levels. I have done the following:GPIOA->MODER &= ~GPIO_MODER_MODE6; //PA6 as inputSYSCFG->EXTICR[1] &= ~SYSCFG_EXTICR2_EXTI6; //PA6EXTI->RTSR1 |= EXTI_RTSR1_RT6; //enable rising edgeEXTI->FTSR1 |=...

SSmit.13 by Associate III
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How to index different GPIO ports in one array

hi everyone.I'm trying to index different GPIO ports and pins.  #define STEP1_HALF1_PORT GPIOA#define STEP2_HALF1_PORT GPIOB#define STEP3_HALF1_PORT GPIOA#define STEP4_HALF1_PORT GPIOC#define STEP5_HALF1_PORT GPIOBGPIO_TypeDef *Half1StepPortNum[5] = ...

STM32WB55 Code is stuck in HAL_Delay() function

Hello ,   I am searching for solution that my code is stuck in the hal_delay function. I couldnt figure it out exact solution. Indeed, this problem is posted in community many times. When I try to initilize the code form cubeMX and test it on --nucle...

baydı.1 by Associate III
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Power on built in test for STM32F446RE

Hello,   I am using STM32F446RE in my project and as per the project requirements I need to have power on built in test, initiated built in test and continuous built in test on STM32F446RE. Please let me know how different built-in self-tests can be ...

PAcha.1 by Associate
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stm32h747i-disco writegpio no funtion

i want to add some work on food_recognize.c in fp_AI_VISION ,I want to use CN9 analog to control some leds but it doesn't work in first place. I can't control those pins with far i only see A0 always on and A1-A5 always off. On the same ...

wjian.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! ADC External trigger from GPIO

Hi!MCU: STM32U575CITMy goal is to use ADC1 and trigger it from external source. In CubeMX I select one regular channel and set Conversion trigger to Regular Conversion trigger.What happens next is BOTH ADC_EXTI15 and ADC_EXTI11 are activated, and I c...

Next by Associate
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STM32G051F8P6 GPIO state during reset

Hello,I have some strange behavior with a circuit.  My understanding is that the GPIO should be configured as an input at power up, however, I am seeing a brief flash on an LED during power up and Power down (images attached showing circuit and the 3...

troper by Associate
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