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Helllo Frends,I am workin on FreeRTOS with STM32f411CEU6 Blackpill. In this I am facing issue with using sleep mode because there is no pin LPTIM1 in the section of TIMERS.I tryed bothe of them CMSIS_V1 and CMSIS_V2. Is there aany Way to use SLEEP MO...
I am trying to set alarm canitnously in loop every 4min.But it is working only 5 time.Is there any way to set alarm cantinously after every 4 min. 
Hello Everyone, I want to Update Firmware on my device using Network/WiFi.But I dont Know Where to begane and how to Update. Need solution. Thank You
Hello everyone, I want to Know if I can set RTC on "6" different time. Through the Day .Help with exampl.Thank you.  
Hello everyone, can someone help me with LIS3DH Example and Library.any suggestion for library.Thank You