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Controlling a Nucleo-L476RG Board Wirelessly

I am starting a DSP class project that will be auto-adjusting blinds using the Nucleo-L476RG board. To start off, I am wondering how it is possible to control the Nucleo board wirelessly with an android phone. I am aiming to control a stepper motor ...

JEscu.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! I recently ported my STM32F413 (run at 100Mhz) application to a STM32H7A3 (run at 280-Mhz). But my DSP routine does not run 2.8x faster. Anyone has any idea how this happened?

I measured the time took to run a length 127 Multiply–accumulate routine by togging a GPIO pin before and after the arm_dot_prod_q15() routine. And then I can measure pulse width by a scope. It was 7us on the STM32F413 and 6us on the STM32H7A3.

nNg.1 by Associate II
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CMSIS DSP FIR and IIR filters not working correctly

Hi all,I am working with CMSIS DSP alghoritms and currently I get stuck with FIR and iir filtersWhen data are predefined in float32_t arrays everything works fine like bellow for FIR lpfBut when i am trying to use the same filter for array from ADC i...

SCies.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Is it possible to use latest CMSIS DSP Library on STM32F4?

Hi, Expert,I have STM32F407-Discovery and I'd like to use CMSIS DSP Library for audio processing.When I checked the library version which is released, it looks 5.5.4.So, I downloaded latest CMSIS DSP Library and build it for cortex-m4 atchitecture,Be...

SJoo.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Hi, I need to implement a PID controller on my Nucleo board STM32G474RE, is there any developed library for this particular controller or resources available that help me to implement the PID controller?

The following document explains the DSP library for STM32F10x which contains the functions for the PID controller, is it compatible with STM32G474RE? If not, would you please guide me about its implementation on a microcontroller? https://community.s...

WKhan.2 by Associate II
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