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I try to use "arm_math.h", but I can't find any function about logarithmic operation in "arm_math.h". Is there none logarithmic in this, or am I not found? 
As stated in the title~This may be a common problem, but I’m not able to find solution on google.It works fine on my personal laptop, but doesn't work on others PC (Same CMSIS-DAP emulator,same win10,same Keil5.37,same setup).Has anyone encountered d...
I used Cubemx to configured the system clock to 180MHz. Why is the system clock in the generated project code...... 6 zeros...... 16MHz? Can I change 16MHz to 180MHz?It simply changes the number after "SystemCoreClock" to 180000000?
I want to add some new annotations to this stm32f429xx.h to help me understand, but VSCode tells me that I cannot "write to files", so what should I do to make vscode write successfully?
As titled, with little definition, how do I configure the NVIC_Type struct ? Directly use the numbers that are difficult to maintain later? Or in fact they have official definitions, but they were hidden somewhere else ?And another question, where ca...
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