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Resolved! DSP library with STM32F7

Where can I find the DSP library for the STMF7 processors? In the CMSIS DSP Software Library documentation I read that I can use the arm_cortexM7lfsp_math.lib (Little endian and Single Precision Floating Point Unit on Cortex-M7). On the website of ST...

MMett by Associate III
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STM32H7 has a FMAC, can it be tweaked to implement FFT?

STM32H7 has a FMAC (Filter mathematical accelerator), and FFT also build on multiply-accumulation operations similar to the filters. So, can the FMAC be tweaked to implement FFT with minimum MCU intervention. ​And also FFT calculation with M7 core wi...

YDao.1 by Associate
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STM32U5 MCU FFT Performance Testing

I'm using a B-U585I-IOT02A discovery kit that that has the STM32U5 MCU. I'm looking to evaluate if the STM32U5 MCU can run an FFT in real time and how to evaluate the performace of the STM32U5 MCU running FFT's. Are there any tools to help me do that...

PNada.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! Compiling with CIMSIS DSP LIBARY

I followed to install.The linker is saying cannot find -larm_cortexM4lf_math.Hears is the project settings I followed

BFlin.1 by Associate II
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