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Device for testing car headlights

Hello . I need to make a device for testing car headlights. I'm going to turn them on and check if all the lights are working. new models of car headlights work via can bus and lin. what stm32 will I need and what components. the device is supposed t...

Siwyzg by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H5 Need bootloader pins

As per errors in AN2606 and this thread I need the correct pins that STM32H563/STM32H573 use for USART1/2/3 and FD-CAN bo...

MBC by Associate III
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Resolved! Cannot change CAN Baud on the fly - STM32F103C8T6

Hi, I'm developing an CAN to USB converter, this converter needs to change the baud rate of the CAN when the user sends an determined message via UART.The Prescaler, TimeSeg1, TimeSeg2 are all configured correctly for the baud rate I desire, as examp...

CdeM1_0-1697816846474.png CdeM1_1-1697816921680.png
Cde M.1 by Associate II
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CAN Communication U5A5ZJ-Q

Hello It's been days now that I'm trying to work with the CAN Communication on the U5A5ZJ-Q. I couldn't find any documentation on it (aside from the FDCAN), Hence, I would like to get some documentation on the board since there are CAN Tx and CAN Rx ...

lfresnay by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H743 CANBus TX Timing

Hi all, I have what's probably a niche problem but a problem (seemingly) nonetheless. I'm making a CANBus application that I'd like to use DAR (Disable Auto-Retransmit) mode for. I'm running into an issue where, after a certain amount of time while t...

joh06937 by Associate II
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FDCAN is not sending messages in Normal Mode

Good morning everyone,I’m trying to get FDCAN working on a STM32G431 however with very limited success. I’m not able to get a valid output signal on the TX line (measured with an oscilloscope) however, if I put the FDCAN peripheral into External Loop...

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