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Resolved! STM32F303 and L9616 CAN transceiver

I have a STM32F303 connected to a L9616 as displayed below.  The pullup resistor R3 is not present any more. Please ignore it. Vdd is 3.3V but, as can be seen, I have set Vs to 5V, believing that was necessary to make the CAN BUS work. With an osci...

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enhering by Associate III
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Resolved! CAN Communication issue with STM32F4

/* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /** ****************************************************************************** * @file can.c * @brief This file provides code for the configuration * of the CAN instances. *********************...

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JDOG by Associate III
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Resolved! Different stm32F103 behaving differently

I have purchased STM32F103c8t6 microcontrollers from three different vendors, but they are behaving differently.I am working on CAN, and on the microcontrollers from one vendor, it is working properly. But on the microcontrollers from other two vendo...

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Gladson by Associate III
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Resolved! CAN receive doesn't work

Hello everyone, I'm currently doing some experiments with CAN communication with the STM32F302RB Nucleo board. The board is connected to a wcmcu-230 CAN transceiver which is connected to a Raspberry pi with a CAN header connected to it. The bus is te...

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JKris.17 by Associate II
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Resolved! CANFD configuration with CAN 2.0 devices

I am using CANFD with an STM32H7 and a transceiver that is compatible with CANFD and CAN 2.0 (ISO1044BDR).I can see that in the configuration the CANFD can be used as a CAN 2.0. What I want to know is what is the easiest way to integrate the flexibil...

__silardg by Associate III
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Resolved! CAN frame monitoring problem in loopback mode

@SofLit hello again,   So , i am facing a problem to display the frame i am supposed to send from CAN_Tx pin in loopback mode. I am using picoscope to display. Here is the function i wrote to configure the Header, and send the data: void CAN_send(v...

Erwan03 by Associate II
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Resolved! Issue with CAN in loopback mode

Hello, i am using f446re nucleo board and have been facing a problem for a while now. I need to establish a loopback CAN transmission and the debug mode allows me to find a bug in the CAN Start function: HAL_ERROR 0x1 returned everytime i attempt. he...

Erwan03 by Associate II
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STM32F3 CAN Bus example using HAL Library

Posted on December 20, 2017 at 18:49Hello,I'm trying to bring up the CAN bus on the STM23F303RE nucleo board and am having some difficulty determining which way to go.  I've been unable to find a HAL library example for this platform.  Can anyone po...

How to use CAN Bus on STM32f429 DISCOVERY board

Hello, I am trying to select CAN1/CAN2 peripheral using the STM32CUBEIDE device configuration tool . Even though I disabled LTDC and FMC, it is not allowing me to enable CAN1 or CAN2I want to understand does this board supports CAN communication. How...

n.serina by Associate III
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