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LPTIM count error on STM32L476RG

Hello,I am experiencing counting errors (specifically overflow counting errors) on LPTIM1.A bit of context first: the goal is to use the LPTIM1 to count pulses which are first treated by the COMP1 (to convert the input signal into an all-or-nothing s...

SPI1 and I2C1 pins are conflicting in the STM32H563

Hi Team, I am trying to use the SPI1 and the I2C1 simultaneously in the STM32H563ZI. Upon configuring the relevant pins in via cubeMX, I see that there is a conflict with the PB5 Pin. I want the PB5 to act as an SPI pin, whereas configuring I2C1 does...

Jansunil by Associate II
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Resolved! ADC continuous conversion with DMA, last sample error.

Using F401 ADC continuous conversion and DMA for multiple channels.I have pins A0-7, B1, PC0-5 running conversions. For consecutive pins in a group (A0-7) (C0-5), the final pin in use always has a different offset error to the rest. Note this actuall...



Hi, I am currently using two SMT32F207 for I2C transmission (MASTER writes SLAVE). Below is my configuration and waveform diagram.The problem currently encountered is that once the bit changes from 1 to 0 (HIGH to LOW)The transmission of SCL and SDA ...

未命名.png master.png slave.png 69A21830-52B4-47F1-99A0-D77C79AFA942.jpg

Resolved! USB Virtual Port Com as USB->Serial Converter

I am using a STM32F373 with the USB Middleware set to 'Communication Device Class (Virtual Port Com)'.Is it possible to have it 'act' as a UART or SPI type port, or do I need to hook into the USB library to TX/RX data over USB?  I currently use USART...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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