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good morning, i am using stm32h747i-disco board. for that when i am executing Touchgfx generated file into stm32cubeide. i am able to debug the m4 processor but not m7 processor. i am getting an error with " internal .elf file".then i did cm7 process...
so, i have been using nano edge ai since a long time. but now i cannot log the signals when i am trying to. will they be any reason for that. please, solve this.
I am using stm32f401re. i am trying to blink the led which is internal one. and i couldn't do it. could you please help me with the project as the project is attached below.
After connecting in the CubeIDE software with no errors. There is a problem of  start option is not enabling. i have integrated STM32F401RE and  IKS01A3(sensor board). What could be the problem to such issue?