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Purpose of series resistor in TSC

Hi,I'm wondering what the purpose of the series resistor (Rs) is for touchkey applications. I have found in documentation and presentations that it is for extra ESD immunity, but can someone be more precise? Thanks,CT

CTimm.1 by Associate
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touch sensing calibration

HiI'm working on touch sensing feature of stm32f051,,but I have a big problem that every board that I assembled has different thresholds for its sensors(the component are the same) and I can't have a unique code and each time I have to change thresho...

touch issue with STM32f303

Hi all,STM32F303 is as capability to sens touch which is surface touch principal . I am trying to get the values on STM studio but unfortunately i am not able to see any values on it. there always a flat line. I am posting my code can anyone tell me ...

ASaxe by Associate II
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Hello all, i have a problem with the STMTOUCH_DRIVER to manage a touch button and a slider. I have integrated the library into my code and if i manage only one bank and the touch button all works. In Touch.c and .h there is the init and main function...

ypkdani by Associate
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STM32F051 touch library bug

Hi,I Have two problem.first : using STM32F051R8Txcant use IO_TOUCHKEY2 at all !, have to assign IO2 to unused PIN and define new IO_TOUCHKEY.(if you need 3 touch you have to set 4 touch in CUBEMX case IO_TOUCHKEY2 doest respond!)second: why STM32F051...

HNaja.5 by Associate
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[How to] From Mechanical to Capacitive controls Guide (Buttons with sharp edges and 2mm clearance, 2 layer pcb with cover glass (50x70mm))

Even though most of you may be relatively familiar with the various types of mechanical controls, the same does not necessarily apply for capacitive ones. So, let’s start off by defining the most basic elements of capacitive sensing.Capacitive button...

PAram by Associate II
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[How to] Design a capacitive touch sensor

Each touch sensor features 2 sets of electrodes: the Transmitting ones (also known as Tx, or the driving electrodes, or simply X electrodes) and the Receiving ones (also known as Rx, or the sensing electrodes or simply Y electrodes).Electrodes are us...

PAram by Associate II
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