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TSL library stateIDs

Associate II

Hello everybody,

I am trying to work with STM32F042G6 with TSL library but have some issues I hope that I made some minor mistake but I think I tried everíthing.

I can't get stable detection when touching.

I tried to copy a sample project but it was just a slightly improvement, still no stable detection.

I'm using STM32CubeMonitor where I watched the variables of the module. The measurement and delta datas seems good for me, at least at a touch event both of them changes relatively large. There are two stateIDs one is this in the CubeMonitor: MyTKeys_Data[0].StateId the other is in the CubeIDE: MyTKeys[0].p_Data->StateId. The first one is looks fine to me it responds good and looks like stable, but that only exists in the CubeMonitor I can't find it in the CubeIDE. The second one I can't monitor directly because on the CubeMonitor it appers only as MyTKeys[0].p_Data and that is a huge value, but it really looks like that doesn't works as responsive and stable as the first one.

uint8_t touched=0;

 if(tsl_user_Exec() != TSL_USER_STATUS_BUSY)
   if (MyTKeys[0].p_Data->StateId == TSL_STATEID_DETECT)


With this code I monitored the touched varieble, on touch event it start some bouncing between 0 and 1.

So I ask help about how to properly set up and configure this library and to understand what happening with these variables?

Any help is greatly appreciated.