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Resolved! STM32L0 SPI and CS HAL Speed

Hi there!First time on the community, but have been programming with STM32s for some time now. I am currently facing a speed challenge using the HAL_SPI_Transmit() function. In order to toggle the CS line, I have always done something along the lines...

bwefers by Associate
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Is HAL_I2C_GetState() required in polling IO mode?

I am using the HAL library with an STM32L07xx processor. To keep things simple, I have implemented master transfers on the I2C bus in the polling IO mode. Most of the time it seems to work, however once in a while a master transmit seems to get lost....

DavePfz by Associate II
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Resolved! I2C read & write operation for LTC4015

 Hi,Currently I am working on a stm32 & LTC4015 based smart charger project. When I followed the data sheet the smbus or i2c read & write operation is given as below:-SMBus WRITE WORD PROTOCOL:-S SLAVE ADDRESS Wr A COMMAND CODE A DATA BYTE LOW A DATA...

Resolved! Battery charger using stm32 & ltc4015

Hi currently I am implementing a smart battery charger using stm32 & ltc4015.But i could not understand how to perfectly configure ltc4015 through i2c protocol.So could you please inform me how to write the i2c sequences to safely charge the battery....

spi stm32l010c6t6 transmit data inverter

Hi everyone! i am using stm32l0c6t6, i need use spi with register, because i need make function type: spiwriteread(uint8_t data), to write in the device Lora llcc68 and read the return register, but with hal i can´t. Then i have configurated the spi ...

jdo by Associate II
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STM32 crystal less USB operation STM32L011?

Hello, I'm looking for an mcu that can both do USB DFU programming and has and external crystal which there aren't many cheap available now (or would drop the external crystal requirements if I'd get convinced otherwise because I want it as stable as...