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Seeking Advice on Developing a Bootloader for stm32l071x series MCU's


Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on developing a bootloader for the STM32L071 microcontroller and could use some guidance. I've outlined the basic structure of the bootloader code, but I'm looking for insights and best practices from those who have experience in this area.

Specifically, I'm interested in:

  1. Recommended communication interfaces for bootloader implementation on the STM32L071 (UART, USB, SPI, etc.).
  2. Tips for memory layout and partitioning for both the bootloader and application firmware.
  3. Security considerations and techniques to prevent unauthorized firmware updates.
  4. Any example code or resources available for reference.

Any advice, code snippets, or pointers to relevant documentation would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Chief II
Pavel A.
Evangelist III

By "bootloader" you do actually mean a solution for firmware update or recovery?

For question #1 - this entirely depends on your product requirements. Will you allow connection by end user or technician? Which interfaces do you want to expose? Are there any requirements for anti-hackery and security?

When you have answers to these questions, here you can find advise and help.