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Resolved! Kit/boards recommendation for handheld game console

Hi,I have for dream to be able to create a handheld game console like the PSP when I was younger. It's for this main reason I study electronics.I wonder if there is a kit that help me to understand and learn about the concept of it or something not t...

KarlY by Associate II
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MCU hung after staying idle for hours

In our system with SMT32G041F6P6 powered by a battery, device gets to hung state when kept idle for few hours or days (randomly). We have already implemented a window  watchdog to detect any faults. Even with watchdog enabled, we are getting this han...

HAL_FLASHEx_Erase HardFault_Handler STM32G030K8

Hello,I have developed an application that saves accelerometer data when a machine starts up. This data is stored in the last page of the controller's memory (page 31).I'm encountering a HardFault exception that occurs intermittently, roughly 1 in 20...

sde c.1 by Senior II
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Resolved! Low Power Run mode (LPR) frequency and power consumption

I have a few questions about how the LPR works.First off, the RM says "Low-power run mode: This mode is achieved when the system clock frequency isreduced below 2 MHz."1. What is meant by system clock here? SYSCLK or core clock (HCLK)? As far as I ca...

AYash.1 by Associate II
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Example script/program for I2C bootloader commands

Hi, I'm using a STM32G07x1 that will need to receive firmware updates from an embedded Linux CPU. The only connection between these devices is an I2C bus so I plan to use the ROM I2C bootloader to handle updates.I am aware of AN4221 that describes ho...

Resolved! Unable achieve delay with timer14 in stm32g030kt6 MCU

Hi all,I tried to configure timer 14 to generate interrupt every 500 ms . i am toggling an GPIO to measure delay .when put a breakpoint interrupt gets triggered but unable to see waveform in logic analyser of GPIO toggling with delay .My clock freque...

Nchun.1 by Senior
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