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Resolved! Reset or glitch during Option Byte programming

We have a design based on the STM32G0B1CET6 MCU.Recently we noticed some failing parts after power on/off testing. Symptoms: software is no longer running and the SWD port is not responding. We sent the broken parts to ST for analysis. The report (C2...

EelcoB by Associate
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Updating firmware via IO-Link

Hello,I have a question regarding doing a firmware update via the USART-pins and IO-Link.Would it be possible to use a IO-link master module to sent an update to the L6362A which translates it to 3.3V UART for the STM32G0B1KEU6 we are using in our cu...

Resolved! STM32G031C6 problems during production programming

Dear all,In the last weeks we have started the production process of a specific equipment, using the new microcontroller STM32G031C6 and unfortunettly we have faced some problems after the programming process.The problem is that some devices were app...

TFBorth by Associate II
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FDCAN Retransmission without blocking Bus

I have a CAN Network with several nodes. Each nodes sends only a ACK when the message was ment for it. Lets say I have nodes A, B and C.Node A wants to send the message with ID 0x5. Node B ignores this message. Node C accepts this message (sends Ack)...

MStud.4 by Associate
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Resolved! Pack alignment exception issue

Hi,Master:platform: STM32G070CBkeil ide:  arm Compiler:version 5 (c99 mode)Question: #pragma pack(8) typedef struct{ uint32_t a; uint8_t b; uint32_t c; uint32_t d; uint32_t e; } x_t; #pragma pack() x_t a[10] = {0}; int sz = siz...

Lyu.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G070 DMA memory to memory software trigger

Hi,I have read thoroughly RM0454, STM32G070CB datasheet and AN4187 in order to understand how to configure the DMA and DMAMUX in order to feed the CRC peripheral with FLASH data using the DMA (with CPU it is working but way slower than expected).I do...

Kraal by Senior III
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