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I am using STM32F4 processor. The problem I am seeing is that at times the processor resets and the CSR register reports 04 in reset cause which is NRST pin reset. Problem is that we do not see any reset on the NRST Pin.

Scope is configured correctly. Reading of CSR register is done way early in the code and is reliable. Register is cleared after reading. Scope is configured correctly.When we trigger pin reset externally, we can catch it on the scope. When we trigge...

RBharol by Associate III
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STM32G030J6 Reset in loop

Hi, I have a STM32G030J6 with a trimpot connected to PA0 (NRST), but I need to disable NRST function. Based on pdf (UM2568) I write this:<code>uint32_t nrstmode; /* Enable Flash access anyway */ __HAL_RCC_FLASH_CLK_ENABLE(); /* Unlock flash */ FLASH-...

MCost.1 by Associate
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software reset for STM32f302vb

i have flashed RTOS firmware at location 0x8000000. i have another firmware(led blink) at location 0x8001e00. i am unable to jump from 0x8001e00 to 0x8000000 location. but i am able to jump from 0x8000000 to 0x8001e00(led bllink) and it is

Invalid voltage level on STM32H743 at reset

I'm using several Nucleo-H743ZI boards. At reset (reset handler) the bit ACTVOSRDY in PWR_CSR1 is 1 on one board and 0 on the other. 0 means "voltage level invalid, above or below current VOS". The current VOS is of course the default one at reset, i...

Gpeti by Senior II
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Resolved! Using SysTick causes reset?

UPDATE: The issue has been solved. The nBFB2 option bit had to be enabled.Hello, I am currently programming and STM32L152RE on a Nucleo development board. I am using SysTick as a .5s timer that ran a status LED. Everything was working up until recent...

SBona.2 by Associate II
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Reset doesn't seem to put the IVT MSP value into the MSP

I'm using the STM32L152 processor. I just noticed that on a reset the value at IVT slot 0, which should be the MSP value, doesn't get put into the MSP. I see another value there on a reset. I added "ldr sp, =_estack" at the start of Reset_Handler, an...

LThal by Associate II
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hi im using STM32F746BGT6 for long time in quantity and everything was ok . but now days i get stock with 4 of them . when i was trying to program them with jlink , i got a massage about read protect but i was careless in each 4 time and select ...

Rsel by Associate
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