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Resolved! How to recover continuous data with DMA ?

Hello,I have a program that works in DMA but I would like to put a function to know when the transfer in the DMA is finished so that I can recover the data continuously. Do you have any information on this ? Here is part of my code  HAL_SAI_Register...

DYann.1 by Senior
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Resolved! DMA transfer delay when EXTI occur

My target:I want to use the same uart lines(RX line and TX line) to achieve communication between computers and multiple devices (in other words: multiple slave devices, computer as master). I use some STM32F072C8 as slave devices, and configure thes...

way by Associate II
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STM32L562 Using TIM1 to trigger ADC1 Ch1 sampling at 5 kHz with DMA1 storing to a circular buffer. Stores 12 samples, then no further samples stored. What can stop this chain from functioning?

Here is the setup (Using timer 1 - 16 Mhz clock, counter = 3200) using OC channel to produce scope signal on output pin):void MX_TIM1_Init(void) {   /* USER CODE BEGIN TIM1_Init 0 */   /* USER CODE END TIM1_Init 0 */   TIM_ClockConfigTypeDef sC...

Grizz by Associate II
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STM32F4 discovery timer and dma sampling

Good evening to everyone,I'm trying to sample various signals, both low frequency and high frequency. For the low frequency, I'm using a timer, while for the high frequency, I'm using DMA. I would like to perform read scans with the ADC, selecting th...

davidec by Associate III
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Resolved! DMA on STM32G473 always generates transfer error

Hi, Iam using a STM32G473 controller and want to do the following:I want to output an analog curve, stored in a RAM buffer.Timer6 is the timebase for transfering the the data from RAM buffer to DAC via DMA.So I selected the DAC as trigger source for ...

Moritz1 by Associate III
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STM32H735 ADC DMA Ethernet memory issue

HiI have implemented ADC1 on a DMA and verified its operation. I then implemented the ethernet stack and verified that it can be pinged. The issue I'm having is that the ADC DMA stops working once the ethernet stack is implemented. I believe the erro...

Resolved! Strange delay on loading USART TX shift register

Hi. I am developing a device for working with real-time industrial interfaces based on RS485. I expect to get a delay of no more than 11 tbits (standart UART frame) + parsing execution time (few microseconds). I am using UART with IDLE IT and master ...