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Jitter between ADC1 and ADC2 in ADC + DMA

First of all: I am aware of cannot see how the accepted answer solves the (my?) issue.Setup description:I useSTM32H723VGHxADC1 and ADC2 are setup inDual regula...

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DMA is not working on STM32H747i-DISCO board

I am working with STM32H747i-DISCO  board and I configured ADC1 with DMA1 stream0 and ADC3 with DMA2 stream0 both with Cortex-M7 core as initializer and I created the MDK-ARM project using STM32Cubemx and compile the code in CrossWorks when I debug t...

Getting stuck at memory address 0x1fff'5064 on boot.

I have a couple dozen of custom boards with STM32G4s on them. These boards are all 'identical' and the software being loaded on them is the same. BOOT0 pin is currently floating so on my initial load I held it to ground and changed the option bytes v...

JVoge.2 by Associate II
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STM32 Receive Multiple DMX Universes

Hey there,another question. I can successful output 8 DMX universes received via Artnet using DMA (Mem->Periph). At the same time I want the possibility to receive upto 8 different DMX signals connected to the MCU. Therefore I hooked up the receive l...

PUrsu.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! DMA with SAI

Hello,I would like to use DMA with SAI but I am having difficulty writing the code. Can you check if my code is correct and why I cannot retrieve the RX values ?  /* USER CODE BEGIN 2 */ HAL_SAI_RegisterCallback(&hsai_BlockA1, HAL_SAI_RX_HALFCOMP...

DYann.1 by Senior
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M7 with 4xRAM ICs over FMC

Hi,We have a question about a system design we would like to implement for our product.We are working with the STMF32F723 MCU and are developing our own HW. We need 216MByte of RAM for our application and would like to implement it with the functiona...

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CObri.1 by Associate II
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SPI DMA transfer issue on STM32H743

 I am reaching out to seek your expertise regarding the DMA transfer issue on SPI that I encountered while using the STM32H743 microcontroller.When an EXTI LINE 0 event (data ready) occurs, attached to the code is a program in which 30 bytes of 0xFF ...

oseaw.1 by Associate II
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