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How to properly handle FDCAN TX FIFO

Hello,I have a STM32G431KB on a custom PCB and got the CAN bus to work. The only problem I have is that the TX FIFO is always filling up and the bus stops after 127 errors.The workaround I have is to abort the TX request./* Add message to Tx FIFO */ ...

PKavv.1 by Associate II
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Nucleo-F303RE Getting ADC Data Speed Problem

Hello everyone,I'm trying to get ADC(DMA) data on the NucleoF303RE STM32 board. The sampling speed is 1Msamples/s. When I apply a sinus wave I see data losses on ADC data. I tried to read data with a serial port and save it to an sd card. Both of the...

ADynr.1 by Associate II
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Code works only in Debug Mode

The code runs in debug mode, however when I disconnect debugger and run the code normally it does not work as working in debug mode?I am using STM32H7xx single core microcontroller.Awaiting to hearing from you.

DPila.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! The first letter isn't sent correctly in SPI.

Hello.Transmission from the master in full-duplex mode is possible, but when transmitted from the slave, only the first character is not transmitted correctly.The signal was misaligned for the first letter, what is the cause?STM32G431 NucleoSPI2 sett...

0693W00000bhGZqQAM.png 0693W00000bhGaOQAU.png 0693W00000bhGbHQAU.png 0693W00000bhGcKQAU.png
TKawa.9 by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32g474 can bus off recovery?

1. Terminal setting: classic can, silent mode, 250kbps, commercial vehicle, stm32g4742. Symptom: There is no problem during the test, but sometimes a problem occurs with the vehicle, probably because of a can error. Symptoms not reproduced.3. Inquiri...

hyuk.1 by Associate II
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