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Resolved! STM32 Internal Flash erase but not 0xFF or 0x00

Hello. I am working with internal Flash memory on STM32F407, I have 4 functions as described below:void FLASH_save_CP_serial(uint32_t serial_number) {     taskENTER_CRITICAL();     uint32_t write_test = 12345;     FLASH_EraseInitTypeDef Eras...

LPetr.1 by Senior
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How get lowest sleep current in STM32F30.

Hi All,I am using STM32F301k8 for my remote project. I am using HSI clock source, I am enable one i/o interrupt and using UART1. for sleep i am using STOP mode by following functions.HAL_UART_DeInit(&huart1);   __HAL_RCC_USART1_CLK_DISABLE();HAL_Susp...

nraj by Associate II
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Resolved! {RESOLVED] STM32F0, why my PLL makes trouble?

STM32F070RB stepping Y, with a 24MHz crystal as HSE. No LSE.In the Cube, enabled PLL sourced from the HSE; SYSCLK goes to 48 MHz.Then, as soon as I run thru HAL_RCC_OscConfig, debugger loses connection and I don't know what the chip does.​So I've swi...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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How to implement Stm32f0 output compare

This is my code. It must be generete output compare interrupt when UPEventCount == DelayloopCount then, TIM_IT_CCR2 interrupt must be occur when CNT = my value. But CCR2 interrupt occur before CNT not reach my value. I looked for a long time but coul...

jsaun by Associate II
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Resolved! I2C4 does not work using the STM32H745 Discovery Kit

I am trying to use I2C4 Pins PD12 (SCL/D15) and PD13 (SDA/D14) but cannot get it to work. I used CubeMX to generate my project. Also, I am using the Cortex M7 for the I2C4 connections. Please tell me how I can get I2C4 to work with the  STM32H745 Dis...

BGibs by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use all RAM regions (SRAM1/SRAM2/CCMDATARAM)

Hi, I am working with STM32F407VETx and it has total 192kb RAM, but its split into 3 regions:#define SRAM1_BASE 0x20000000UL // SRAM1(112 KB) #define SRAM2_BASE 0x2001C000UL // SRAM2(16 KB) #define CCMDATARAM_BASE 0x10000000UL // CCM(core c...

0693W00000YA0E4QAL.png 0693W00000Y8qzDQAR.png
JBond.1 by Senior
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Cortex-M33 instruction cycle counts?

Hello,I am looking for a list of cycle counts for each instruction in the Cortex-M33 processor. For the Cortex-M4 processor, the ARM Technical Reference Manual includes a table of cycle counts for each instruction. The M7 ARM TRM doesn't seem to ha...