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Resolved! I2C Master_Transmit error because of NAK

My setup is as follows: I have a NUCLEO-H563ZI with an STM32H563ZIT6 and I am communicating through I2C with the 6D IMU, ISM330DCL. Moreover the ISM330DCL is on the STEVAL-MKI182V2.My I2C-bus is very confusing. First I get everything set up exactly a...


Resolved! One bit shift in SPI communication on STM32H7

I'm working on SPI communication between two Nucleo-H743ZI boards. I'm using ST's HAL, and the SPI polling API HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive.It's working fine until a bandwith of 12Mbits/s (SPI kernel clock at 200Mhz and prescaler 16, the CPU is always at ...

Gpeti by Senior II
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FUOTA IAP Updating Only Part of a Program

My goal is to implement an In-App Programmer (IAP) that can update part of our firmware from data we receive over a wireless network. We do not want to update the full firmware because it's too large and would take too long/consume too much power.I'm...

Cfaya.1 by Associate II
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STM32L4S5 Discovery Kit, how to use X-CUBE-AWS

I am doing various tests using the STM32L4S5 MCU board.Among them, I register this board with AWS and communicate with MQTT messagesTo do so, we connected to AWS using a package called X-CUBE-AWS provided by ST and actually communicated the sensor va...

dongkey by Associate II
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STM32F05 and Uart 7 bit

Hello,RM0091(Rev 10) "27.8.1  USART control register 1 (USART_CR1)" shows bits M0 and M1. HoweverSTM32Cube_FW_F0_V1.11.4/Drivers/CMSIS/Device/ST/STM32F0xx/Include/stm32f051x8.honly defines#define USART_CR1_M_Pos (12U)#define USART_CR1_M_Msk (0x1UL <<...


Hi all, I have a flight controller which has a STM32F405RGT6 MCU and is working 100%.Another flight controller (different brand) has a damaged STM32F405RGT6 MCU and I would like to swap them instead of buying a new MCU online due to time constraints....

HF_ATL by Associate II
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Resolved! UART Communication

Hi , I am using STM32L031x4 MCU for my project. In the document it shows 2 UART ports, can I use these 2 UARTS simultaneously ?I need 2 different UARTS for sensors.