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Hello, I want to use W25N01GVZEIG as an external loader to use it for Touch GFX and stm32h723zgt6. I used to use w25q256 before.thank you
Hello, in the new versions, cubemx and USART6_IRQHandler  does not work, what is the reason?It does not work for both stm32h743iit6 and stm32h723zgt6
Hi, I used to work with a stm32h743 that had a QSPI, but now I work with a stm32h723zgt6 that has a OSPI. I don't know if I should continue with the MX_OCTOSPI1_Init function to use it for Memory Mapped for w25q256 program I wrote for Touch GFX.To us...
Hello, I have created a project to launch Touch GFX by stm32h723 , which I have put the download link below. Unfortunately, according to the photo I posted, it is displayed incorrectly on the LCD when it is launched, while I have separately tested th...
Hi How to make external OctoSPI loader for STM32H723zgt6 with octospi and w25q256 Thanks.
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