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USART Interrupt STM32F103ZET6

Hello all.I am new working with the SMT32 microcontrollers and I need your help.The project deals with 3 communication channels USART to 19200bds (usart1, usart2 and usart3)The microcontroller used is the STM32F103ZET6 and would be connected to 3 dif...

DGonc by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32f103 14mhz adc clock and prescalers only allow 12mhz?

hi i'm reviewing rm0008 ref manual for stm32f103 the adc.accordingly, adc clock max is 14mhz and it takes 14 adc clock cycles for 1 conversion - hence 1msps per ADC.however, from the RCC section the available prescalers are 2, 4, 6, 8and if we take 7...

andrewg by Associate III
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Hi, I have a problem with HardFault_Handler.Sometimes, when I'm writing into the flash it happens.After many days on searching still I don't understand why it happens and what it means.Has someone got a suggestiom for me?

Expanding on ISRs generated by CubeMX

Dear AllCubeMX (Clive, I know you do not encourage relying on it, but please bear with me for a while) adds many c and h files to a project. Is the programmer allowed to modify any of such c files other than the main.c? For example, I see a void SyST...

Amir1 by Associate II
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ROS spinOnce jamming the process of MCU

We are using ROS Serial to let Raspberry Pi and STM32F103C8T6 communicate with each other. And there is another UART channel for IMU to use. We observe that the spinOnce function of ROS jammed the process of MCU. Therefore, other work cannot operate ...

STM32H7 series resistors in data lines ?

With a 400MHz clock and very high speed ports, I was assuming the faster data lines would need series resistors to avoid reflections in the way things like FPGAs do. But I've just noticed the evaluation board doesn't have any and routes even high spe...

MikeDB by Lead
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