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Resolved! Clock Frequency of L452RE

Hello, I am having a confusion in understanding the Clock Frequencies for STM32L452RE. In the Datasheet its mentioned that "Several prescalers permit to configure the AHB frequency, the high speed APB (APB2) andthe low speed APB (APB1) domains" It al...

Screenshot 2024-01-30 124735.png Screenshot 2024-01-30 123636.png

Resolved! Is I2C HAL library for F4 series thread safe?

In my project, my MCU (F411) uses I2C HAL API routinely to read from a sensor device.When some event happens, my interrupt handler will use I2C API to read from different register from that device; so my question is:Is HAL API thread safe? Although I...

HDaji.1 by Senior
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SPI Issue - HAL_BUSY (STM32L4)

I've been having issues with getting an SD card working on an STM32L4R5ZI Nucleo board when using essentially the same code (with minor tweaks) without issues on the STM32WB55 Nucleo board.  I've been going through the code of both to determine where...

JayDev by Senior II
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Resolved! STM32H5 Programming

I have previously used the STM32F103C8T6 is a number of projects and was considering switching to the STM32H503RBT6. My use case is low volume R&D work. With the F1, I would use JTAG for programming but the option isn't available for the H5 in CubeMX...

John_E by Associate
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Resolved! Internal ADC questions on stm32h750

Hello,I am using an stm32h750. I have an ADC group that includes 4 inputs from GPIO ports and the 3 internal ADCs (VBAT, CPU Temp, Reference Voltage). It's set up with DMA. The conversions run at 150hz.We use a coincell battery voltage as input to VB...

I2S DMA data width question. Word vs half word.

So I got i2s working great on a stm32f4 based on this video has DMA set to circular, half word. and we start the i2s with HAL_I2SEx_TransmitReceive_DMA (&hi2s2, txBuf, rxBuf, 4); 4 being...

F767 CAN Bus issue

Hi,I have an issue with the CAN1 controller in my MCU. I have connected the CAN transceiver to PA12(TX) and PA11(RX). When connected to the CAN Bus I can see the frames coming to the MCU(RX line) and the ACK bits are visible on the TX line. Unfortuna...