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Usage of Comparators with PWM Generation

I am trying to design a digital SMPS with an STM32G0.ST has lots of literature stating that the comparators can be used to control the duty cycle of the PWM from a timer.I understand the use of a comparator to detect a fault and output to the BKIN in...

AdinAck by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G431C6 fails to power up sometimes.

I designed a board that uses the STM32G431C6 and is intended to connect in a chain with other similar boards, but I am having problems when powering them up. They turn on and work fine sometimes, but sometimes boards won't turn on. Each board I desig...

IvanOrot by Associate II
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9 bit SPI for TFT

Hi, I have a TFT screen that is using 3-wire 9-bit SPI (DC bit as 9th bit) has anyone got and experience or examples of this with HAL? I think I have it explained below, the problem is when I test on the oscilloscope the SPI data is reversed as MSB i...

PLee.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! GPIO pins won't RESET low (always high)

I took the default STM32F101VFTx, enabled PB8 & PB9 as GPIO Output, and then tried to pull the pins low.  I am having an issue that caused me to create this isolated test.   Configurations, code, and scope on the pins below.  Repo for this test case ...

HunterR_2-1707243776809.png HunterR_0-1707243659343.png HunterR_1-1707243732555.png
HunterR by Associate II
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4 DACs, 4 audio rate sawtooth waves with SMT32G4

Hello,I am looking to develop with the STM32 microcontrollers for the first time and was hoping to get some help. I need to create a device capable of outputting 3 separate sawtooth waves that are individually controllable to synthesize audio based o...

STM32F303RE: PWMs utilizing Timers with Phase Shift

Hello,I am assisting with the firmware development of a dual-active bridge converter and I am trying to create a phase-shifted PWM signal that will control the switches. Creating the phase shift is proving challenging, but I had an idea that I believ...

KMew_0-1706889515705.png KMew_1-1706889584526.png KMew_2-1706889611420.png KMew_3-1706889628508.png
KMew by Senior III
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How do I synchronize received UART data ?

I am trying to receive a frame containing 10 bytes of serial data, each frame is transmitted at a 100ms rate.However, as the UART can start receiving the 10 byte frame at any point in time, the received data is becoming out of sync. How do I sync the...

johngj_0-1706805151387.png johngj_1-1706805208495.png johngj_2-1706805851655.png johngj_3-1706805879295.png
johngj by Associate III
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Resolved! using several ADC

Hello,I wonder if it is or it is not possible to use more than one ADC independet of each other. My problem is as follows: I want to use ADC1 and ADC2  in independent scan conversion nothing works anymore. My code work for ADC1 alone   or ADC2 alone,...

kkhli.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Flash via I2C bootloader problem for STM32G0B1KBU6

Hello,We encountered a problem with the internal Bootloader of the STM32G0B1KBU6 MCU.ConditionsFirst, the option bytes are set with an STLINK-V3 programming adapter (SWD interface) and CubeProgrammer (2.15.0) according to Pattern 11 of AN2606:nBoot_S...

IE by Associate II
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