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FT5436 compatibility with FT5336 from STM32F746-DISCO

Hello,I have made a custom board based on the STM32F746. I am using a touch panel which uses the FT5436. My question is: are the FT5336 drivers provided by with the STM32F746 discovery board drivers compatible with the FT5436? I cannot make it work. ...

YTalh.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! RCC stuck!

hey thereI have a customized board with STM32F030K6T6 on it and a 11.0592MHz crystal for HSE. the thing is my code does not run through and when I try to debug it, I can see it sticks in SystemClock_Config(), more specifically, in HAL_RCC_OscConfig()...

Ala by Senior
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STM32H7 TCM RAM access speed

Reference manual says that TCM RAMs are accessible at the maximum clock speed without any latency, but to perform accesses at a CPU speed higher than 520 MHz, one must disable the ECC on this RAM through the CPUFREQ_BOOST option byte. What happens if...

MMn.2 by Associate
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Resolved! I'm trying to create my own GPIO API using LL library on STM32F4. When declaring GPIO port I get warning: initialization of 'long unsigned int' from 'GPIO_TypeDef *' {aka 'struct <anonymous> *'} makes integer from pointer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]

Hey, I create some enums and struct to declare specific pin settings. In .h file I create these struct and enums:typedef enum { ePin_Led_Stat=0, ePin_Led_GPS_Fix, ePin_USART1_Tx, ePin_USART1_Rx, ePin_USART2_Tx, ePin_USART2_Rx,   ePin_Name_Last} ...

DSimp.1 by Associate III
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How to get the ADC identifier when using DMA?

Hi!!I am using a STM32F4 Discovery board. I am using the ADC1 and ADC2, both with DMA. I need the conditional to know which ADC was the one that finished reading data. I tried if(hadc->Instance == ADC1) but it only works when DMA is not used.Could yo...

LSoll.1 by Associate II
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