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Posted on November 13, 2016 at 17:00Hello there, I was getting quite used to HAL for about a year now. Then I was trying to find out something about modbus mode in STMF0 and I find this ''Low Level API''. I cant seem to find any of its functionality...

STM32F103 - Code flash getting erased automatically

Hi, Our STM application is a smart bike IoT device, that let's a user track his / her vehicle.Of our devices deployed in the field, some of them stopped functioning. On debugging we found that the entire STM flash was erased. What could be the possib...

PJosh.8 by Associate II
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I have a system with WIN CE v6.0 installed and a custom board with micro STM32L432KX. I've tried to install driver for FTDI but no succes, at the moment WIN CE doesn't recognize the Virtual COM created from my board, are there proper drivers or proce...

LMili.1 by Associate II
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Why SDRAM1 and SDRAM2 have the same pins

Hello,can someone please help me,why do when i use SDRAM1 and then add SDRAM2 the data and address pins are the same but only the chip enalbe. does this mean that all pins even the Data pins DQ can be connected parallel for both chips? have someone a...