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STM32H743BIT6 internal ADC with offset of +150mV

Associate II

Hello all

i have a board with STM32H743BIT6 on it with 4 INTERNAL ADC pin connected to resistor ladders.

i connected external 2.5V reference and defined in the IOC file to use external reference.

i have constant offset of +150mV and all readings of the ADC inputs.

how can i compansate that offset by any type of SW manner, or calibration method?

the ADC is 16 bits and i use the formula:ADC_VALUE[dec]=Vadc*(2^16-1)/2.5.

all the reading ge offset of +3902[dec] +150mV.

Principal III

1. what voltage at pin - real ? check with dmm.

2. connect pin to gnd, then test adc...

3. do calibration cycle first !  did you ? offset and linearity ?

4. adc sampling time ...set to 7.5 or so.

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