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Resolved! Multiple value for VECT_TAB_OFFSET on STM32H7

Hi all, we've been developing some applications using STM32H743BG since 2020 and only now we realized that value of VECT_TAB_OFFSET has been changed according the package used in STM32Cube. So, these are the differences between different Cube version...

TFBorth by Associate II
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STM32H735 ADC DMA Ethernet memory issue

HiI have implemented ADC1 on a DMA and verified its operation. I then implemented the ethernet stack and verified that it can be pinged. The issue I'm having is that the ADC DMA stops working once the ethernet stack is implemented. I believe the erro...

nucleo-f103rb canbus problem

Hello,I have a problem with canbus on nucleo-f103rb. When I start the debug the registers look like before.png. After a while its look like after.png. But i cannot send any data to peak pcan in both cases. Here my code;/* USER CODE BEGIN Header *//**...

Difficulty with speed of updating PWM duty cycle

Hi, I'm a relatively new programmer, attempting to program a "Bluepill" module, which has the STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller. I'd like to be able to quickly change the duty cycle on a PWM output, so that I can adjust the position of a servo motor as I...