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How to interface STM32F411 to CODEC SSM2604


Hello, I'm new to the forum and I want to ask about how to make the I2S connection between an STM32F441RETx and an SSM2604 Audio CODEC.

Here are the corrections:

My doubt is on how I should connect the Serial Data pins from the CODEC to the MCU. Should I use just one I2S interface to first receive data, then transmit it? Should I use one in Full Duplex? Or should I use two, with one in slave mode?

I've read the datasheet of the CODEC, and I know that BCLK is the clock, RECLRC is the word select (WS) for REC data, and PBLRC is the word select for Playback data. But how should I connect them to the MCU to receive and transmit through I2S?

My goal is to record data with the codec, send it to the MCU, process it, and then play it back with the codec. I'm open to suggestions and corrections. I know how to do the code (I guess), but I've never designed the hardware connection between a codec and MCU. That's why I'm asking about the pinout. Thanks for your help!