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TIM I2S using SPI

Hello Everybody,I am trying to emulate I2S using the SPI interface on the STM32F103.I have looked at the AN5086, but setting up the timer correctly is still unsuccessful.The SPI-CLK is connected to the TIM2 via Channel configured as "input capture di...

PGild.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Bit-banged I2S on STM32F103

Hello everybody,I am trying to bit-bang an I2S interface on an STM32F103 at 72MHz using TIM2.Am I way too optimistic to get a 3MHz "clock" out on a pin? The fastest I can seem to get it is at 90kHz.I have set the "prescaler" of TIM2 to "0" and "1".An...

PGild.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Double buffered DMA on SAI_I2s_tx CT/TC conflict

I'm running tx and rx of SAI_I2S by double buffered DMA.I expect on double buffered DMA to change Current Target or CT register bit state to change at each Transfer Complete or TC. But on tx DMA stream it changes CT, one sample before TC. Why? But in...

How can I disable a I2S module ?

I am using cube mx for my design and I have some peripherals (ADC, Timer, I2S2, I2S3). I am making streaming by usb of some of them. I want to stoop i2s modules when i am not using it becouse affect to other modules sampling rate.By default Cubemx m...

tcg by Associate III
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How to sync ADC sampling at 192K to DAC output

On STM32F407V-Disc the divisions don't work out for an 192KHz Timer trigger for the ADC, so sampling runs a bit slower or faster, the problem is that the Cirrus DAC audio chip cannot be set to match the sample rate, so I get buffer sync drift, audio ...

Robmar by Senior II
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Resolved! Data coherency with DMA and I2S audio on STM32H7

Moving from a audio effect prototype based on the STM32F407 to the STM32H757. Did a lot of stuff on the F4 with audio but on the H7 I'm getting stuck and can't get a simple audio loopback with DMA. I'm using Cirrus Logic's CS5343 and CS4344 as extern...

Alefal by Associate II
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i2s PCM volume adjustment problem

I figured to increase the volume of the pcm data i just multiply it, because it is pretty much a sine wave sampled? I use this to increase the volume of the audio from the microphone connected to i2s and it works great. I do this when the audio is st...

TMich.1 by Associate III
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Master Clock STM32H7 SAI Incorrect

Hi everyone,I am trying to get the SAI1 periperhal configured in I2S Standard mode going on the STM32H753ZI. During my testing sessions I found that my master clock is so far off it doesnt make sense. Based on the figure 652 within the TRM, it shows ...

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CLeo.1 by Senior II
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