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WiFi Connection Issue with STM32H7BI3-DK using AT Commands

Associate III

Hi ST Community members,

I recently encountered a problem with the ISM43341-M4G-L44-SPI WiFi module mounted on the STM32H7BI3-DK development board. Here are the details of the issue:

  1. Context:

    • I updated my Cube Programmer, CubeIDE, and stlink firmware.
    • WiFi access point scanning is successful, and I am able to see the available networks.
    • I cannot join the network using the AT C0\r command.
  2. Hardware Configuration:

    • After the update, I faced difficulties powering up the board efficiently with the required voltage. So I changed the 5V Power Jumper from STLK to CHGR.
    • Initially, I used a charger cable with the jumper set to STLK, and the code was working.
  3. Code:
    The AT_ExecuteCommand function returns ES_WIFI_STATUS_UNEXPECTED_CLOSED_SOCKET when it encounters the AT_ERROR_STRING in the received data. This unexpected closed socket error occurs even when the AT command sent does not result in an error. I suspect there might be an issue with how the function is handling the received data or interpreting the AT_ERROR_STRING.


I hope this additional information helps in diagnosing my problem. If anyone has insights or suggestions, please feel free to share them. Thank you for your assistance!