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STM32H7 (Portenta H7) HAL for USB audio to host - not working


My STM32H747 (Portenta H7), with latest CubeHAL H7 drivers, fails on USB streaming, as USB audio from MCU to host (USB Digital Microphone).

It enters in USB FS IRQ handler all the time the branch with the "Incomplete ISO OUT". Nothing comes out to PC.
"Funny" is: if I let it run for a very, very long time - suddenly it works: the PC gets now my USB audio.
It tells me: something wrong with the ISO stream and the frame counter (or this "even and odd" issue, as found in Internet  threads).

The only solution I have found: go back to an older version of the file "stm32h7xx_hal_pcd.c".
Now it works (actually, I am aware of this issue since years, I took this file from an older project where it works).
OK, STM provides examples, e.g. X-CUBE-AUDIO, but it is not for a H7 MCU.
Taking the USB files from there seems to be risky: it is not for the same MCU (even I would modify all includes of H7 header files), And a "Diff" on these files shows me some "dramatic" differences (where I cannot make a decision if it would be correct and could work).

Is there any chance that the H7 drivers (for USB, PCD) are "fixed" and working also on the very latest version?