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Resolved! STM32F405 Can not connect to target

Hello All, I Hope you are well.I am facing a problem that I spent A LOT of time on. I designed a custom board featuring the STM32F405RGT6 but i cannot connect to it at all.. I will attach the schematic and the board's pictures below. (The schematic i...

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Mhushki by Associate III
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STM32F4 Using FileX : Can It Be Used Independently?

Hello, community! I'm a new here .I am developing STM32F4 using STM32CubeIDE(1.14.1), and I want to use the FileX without ThreadX.  However, it seems that this is not possible in CubeMX. The FileX for the F4 series requires ThreadX, and if ignored, t...

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cashews by Associate
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I2C multibus on alternative pins howto or is possible?

I ask for this , but any other same alternative use.i set primary I2C on PB10,11 as on image an reserve PA10,11 and PF0,1My plan is use alternative AF as I2C switch similar as IC PI4MSD5V9540On PF pins is device on 5V I2C . In code i try add to one I...

MM..1 by Chief II
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STM32F429ZIT6 SPI Receive Issue

Hi everyone,I'm currently using the Nucleo F429ZI development board to test SPI Receive, and I've encountered the following two issues:I use the HAL_SPI_Receive() function, when I config the SPI frequency to a slower rate, I've observed that the CS s...

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Scarlet by Associate III
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