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F446RE and CAN2 in loopback mode

I'm working on a custom board with a F446RET6 and testing through some code bits. I've been able to successfully test that the board programs and functions with a led-blink style program. My problem is that I'm attempting to use CAN2; I'm trying to t...

Resolved! RXNEIE needed for dma request?

Hello, i am trying to interface TI's ADS8910 (18bit SAR ADC) to an STM32F730 via normal SPI, since i am unsure whether QSPI will work.I want to achieve the full 18 bit @1MSa, which is possible when working with 54MHz (/2 APB2 prescaler on the F730 wh...

Resolved! STM32F303 USB

Hello,I'm working on a cutom made board controlled by an STM32F303ZET, I figured out that I forgot to pull up D+ for USB communication, even doing it externally keep showing me this error. I tried to pull up the D+ using 3.3V directly and also by pul...


STM32H755 Reset Reason

Hello,I am using an STM32H755 dual core chip and occasionally, our reset reason (RCC_RSR) is decoding to have only theD1RSTF bit and D2RSTF bit set.  Per the documentation, it does not seem this is an expected combination alone...Per table 56 in sect...

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equivalent application note

HI, Is there an equivalent application note or similar information about sleep modes for the F0 series?, Cla...

Resolved! Stm32 azure rtos

Hi, I am new to stm32 microcontroller. I am finding difficulty to render my html page using azure rtos. As I have seen the example of stm32f429zi nx_Webserver. First of all  I could not find html files in the example folder.However with other GitHub ...


Hi  I'm trying to read a 2.5V signal through internal adc as soon as I connect the signal to the gpio pin of stm there is shift(to positive side)in the signal and also generating the noise upon seeing through oscilloscope. Also made ground connection...