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Use same port to write as well as read

Hello,Currently I am working on a 16-bit parallel interface where I need to write to and read from the same port. For that I am using GPIO_Init LL library every time I do so. Is this the right method? Will the port data also get reset while doing so....

HDesa.1 by Associate III
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The role of AVDD on Nucleo-L476RG

Hi people!I am currently using a Nucleo-L476RG connected to an analog sensor. On the datasheet of the mcu, in the ADC section, I can read "One external reference pin is available on some package, allowing the input voltage range to be independent fro...

mdiro by Associate III
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Bit levels matter

Anyone seen this? The politically-correctness crap gets to EE...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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Need help in making USART2 work on STM32F303RE

Hi, I am doing a MOOC for learning STM32 programming, in the UART topic, we are supposed to implement UART. The course follows STM32F4 but I have an STM32F303RE and I tried to adapt it to my board but it is still not showing anything on the serial mo...

SKhan.7 by Associate II
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