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How to implement PLL in STM32?

I am trying to implement a Phase Locked Loop in a microcontroller STM32. I have a reference signal and feedback signal which has $\phi$ difference wrt reference signal. For the moment, I am not using a real time feedback signal, rather simulating it ...

RShre.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to run code from RAM in stm32h7b3i using CubeIDE.

HiBy changing linker script file of GPIO_Toggle code such that it points to RAM . And loaded the .hex and .bin ( specifying start program address as 0x20000000 ). The code looks like get stuck and never toggles LED. But when run in debug mode through...

Skuma.6 by Associate II
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Glitch value for DAC in the STM32G071

Hello.I can't find Glitch value for DAC in the STM32G071 documentation, and also what type of DAC is implemented in the MCU: R2R, resistor string, etc.Where can I find the information I need?

Akoli.2 by Associate III
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Hi, I have a problem with starting a stepper motor using the I2C bus. It uses the NUCLEO-F746ZG microprocessor, the SMC 64-BP stepper motor driver and the KH1634-03CA stepper motor. The main problem is finding the address of the controller and giving...

PBiał.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Hi..I am using STM32U575 NUCLEO ..there are three drive levels are mentioned for LSE...which one one should be used or which is more suitable for low power consumption and I need to know the power consumption in each case (numerical value)..

In the errata sheet,it is mentioned that low drive mode and medium low drive are not working.. but I checked and they work there any correction in the errata sheet...?..Can I go with low drive mode for LSE (NUCLEO-U575ZQ)???

ABDUL1 by Associate II
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How should I study STM32 MCU

Hello,I am a mechanical engineer that is studying Mechatronics as master degree. I am getting keen on embedded system after I have taken a course on operating systems on embedded systems. I have never used STM32 word and I have just received a stm32f...

DAlta.1 by Associate II
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