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Nucleo-F446RE cannot enter into debug mode in CubeIDE

Hi guys, I am using Nucleo-F446RE board in cubeide (version 1.12.1), with basically every step was by defalut when I created new project, a problem occured when I tried to debug, as it showed " Error finishing flash operation " , anyone got any idea...

TTong.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! EEPROM blocked while page change

Hi ST community, First question for me here.... It is about an emulated eeprom issue   I try to save dta to an emulated eeprom. Parameter are : starting dress : 0x800D00 page size 0x800 number of variable to be saved 37 guard page number =2 cycle lif...

etour.1 by Associate II
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STM32F429DISCOVERY, STM32CUBEIDE 1.12.0 I've created a class for a communication packet. It has global scope. Upon instantiation, the code hard faults.

If I comment out the instantiation, compile and run, then uncomment the instantiation, compile and run, the code will work fine from that point on. But it will not run without hard faulting unless I do the comment / uncomment thing. Here's the code f...