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Dual core controller flash firmware using of stm32loader


Hello STM32 Team,

I am using stm32loader to load binary data onto the dual-core controller (STM32H745ZI). Below, I'll outline the steps I've taken:

Firstly, I visited and successfully loaded the bin data into the single-core controller (STM32H723), and it flashed successfully.

However, when I uploaded a new program to the STM32H745ZI (Dual-core controller) board using stm32loader, one by one flash the bin file, the upload process was successful, But when I disconnect the power, remove the boot0 pin, NRESET pin of board and again connect the board to the USB, it works fine.

Below, I'll share the stm32loader logs for further analysis. Let me know if you need any additional information or assistance.
I will share the Verification_OK screenshot, which confirms that stm32loader flashed successfully, and the device is ready to be used.